Story behind the Bikeself

Bikeself is a sum of many coincidents. This is the story behind it.


Bikeself got it's beginning around in the summer of 2015. I am living in a small flat with my girlfriend and three bikes. Bikes laying around on the floor on your way is irritating. I wanted to get my bikes off the floor and hang them on the wall in an stylish way.

I designed the Bikeself and made the first prototype of the Bikeself for myself. I was happy with the result but I had no plans to develop the product any further.

In 2016 I was applying for an internship in a company in the bicycle industry. I had been professional cyclist in my earlier life. I thought I would make a good use of the experience in my future life as a designer.

I never got the internship. I thought about my early prototype of the Bikeself and decided to try my luck my luck as an entrepreneur. I figured I would learn a lot about a product's journey from a sketch to a final product by employing myself.

Here is what happened. I studied about how to start up a company. I finetuned my design of the Bikeself. I borrowed a book from a library about the basics of HTML & CSS and built up a web site and e-commerce. I developped the brand around the product and photographed the product for marketing purposes. I also handcrafted the first batch of the product by myself.

Now you know the story behind the Bikeself. Take a look at the Bikeself and order yours today! Also remember to check out my other line of work on my porfolio -site which can be found here.