Have you been looking for an elegant way to hang your bike on the wall? Bikeself is the answer! Bikeself is a shelf that you can assemble yourself on the wall. Easy, innovative and unique.

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Made out of birch

Bikeself is made out of wood, proper wood. Out of birch to be exact. There is no plywood nor chipboard. Bikeself is designed and handcrafted in Finland.

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Available in four different colors

Bikeself is available in four different colors to match every interior. You can order your Bikeself in snow, birch, antique oak or eben. All the colors are opaque to keep the beautiful patterns of wood visible.

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Comes as flat pack

Bikeself is designed as flat pack furniture. This way whenever you move and wherever you move Bikeself always stays with you. This method also cuts down the shipping costs so that we are able to offer you FREE shipping in Europe!

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Easy to mount and remount

Bikeself is easy to mount and remount in any appartment. It is put together in few simple steps. No need for dowels or glue. Just four screws on the wall and the joints will do the rest.

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Features set of magnets under the tightening screws which allows you to hang your keys or even multi tool from the Bikeself! Also includes handy "second wave" where you can hang your helmet or backbag.

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Protective felt tape

Features a protective felt tape to protect your frame from scratching while putting your bike up on the shelf.