Does my bike fit in the Bikeself?

You can find the bike fitting guide for the Bikeself from here. In general all the bikes with a horizontal top tube and narrower handlebars than 50cm (c-c) will fit the Bikeself. Maximium weight for your bike is 15kg.

How to install the Bikeself on the wall?

Every order is delivered with the installing instructions. You can also see the printable version here.

Is my wall suitable for the Bikeself?

Every wall is different. They can vary a lot depending of the material and the age of the wall. In general Bikeself is suitable for every kind of wall. In case you need help with the mounting of the Bikeself ask instructions from your local hardware store. They will also supply you with the right wall plugs for your wall.

What do I need to install the Bikeself?

Every Bikeself is delivered with the mounting instructions and screws (general screws). Adding to that you will need to have a drill, a drill bit, hex head wrench, wall plugs suitable for your wall, pen and a level.

What to remember when ordering the Bikeself?

Bikeself is made out of wood. Wood is organic material and wood tends to live so the measures can vary from what seen on the fitting guide (not more than 10mm). It also means that every Bikeself is unique! Every Bikeself is checked before the shipping for abnormal fitting. However if you are having problems with the joints fitting please go see our instructions for returning the goods for and we will send you a new one.